About us


🌸 Welcome to Clomaes: Where Eco-Friendly Art Meets Sustainable Living! 🌸

Discover Clomaes, your ultimate destination for eco-friendly vases and candles. We blend artistry and sustainability to create unique products that elevate your home decor while preserving our planet.

🌺 Our signature collection features stunning 3D impression art vases, handcrafted from recycled plastic. Adorn your living spaces with beauty while supporting a greener future. 

🕯️ Our candles are crafted from recycled pots, emitting enchanting fragrances while promoting sustainability. Say goodbye to disposable containers and embrace a story of renewal and rebirth.

🌿 Clomaes offers a convenient refill service for your used candle pots. Bring us your empty pots, and we'll fill them with a fresh, captivating candle at an unbeatable price. Nurture a circular economy and make sustainable choices accessible to all. 

🌸 Clomaes is more than just a website; it's a destination where a group of passionate friends with a shared vision creates products that enhance your space and reflect your commitment to the environment.

🌎 Join us in embracing a sustainable lifestyle while surrounding yourself with beauty and purpose. Explore the Clomaes collection today and experience the harmony between art and eco-consciousness. Together, let's create a greener world. 🌸💚🌿