But where do our filaments come from?🌱 🧵 

All our PLA filaments come from the amazing company Fiberlogy! Fiberlogy was created in Poland 🇵🇱 , and it is in this country that they work their magic. They are super proud to be part of the global technical revolution! 💪 Their modern production line and the expertise of their talented technologists allow them to offer FFF/FDM printer filaments with unique properties and parameters.

Their special feature? 🌿 Biodegradability! ♻️

Indeed, for the polymer to biodegrade, a few conditions must be met:

        • ✅ High humidity
        • ✅ A temperature of approximately 60°C 🥵
        • ✅ The presence of microorganisms

🌿 All our PLA filaments are crafted from NatureWorks' raw materials. 🌱 Below, you'll find all the necessary information about the PLA filaments used for your fantastic 3D prints. 🖨️💚

All PLA filaments are made from raw materials provided by NatureWorks. Below you will find all the necessary information regarding the PLA filaments used for your 3D prints.

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